Welcome to Bridal Budget. We have setup this site to blog about our experiences as we look to organise our wedding, and look at some of the great things that are out there.

We are Roisin and Matt, you can read more about us here but we have been together for 7 years and engaged for 2 and a half. Like many engaged couples in the UK, we have had a long engagement whilst saving money to pay for our wedding. With the average cost of a wedding now between £16-18k everyone knows that marriage can be a costly prospect.

This blog will follow our attempts to have our dream wedding at a fraction of this cost. We will look for and advise on ways that wedding costs can be reduced, but we will also be looking at some of the great designs, services and general ‘stuff’ that is out there for people looking to plan their ideal wedding – from the cheap and cheerful to the exquisitely glamorous, with the price tag to match.

We’ll be looking to implement a rating factor which considers the cost of the things that we are talking about in order to help readers decide if this is something that can consider for their own wedding or not! So if you are looking at planning a wedding, no matter what your budget, you’ve come to the right place.

You can read more about our price rating system here but check back soon, because our next post will be discussing it!

Bridal Budget
Bridal Budget is a UK based wedding blog, written by Roisin and Matt who are in the process of planning their own wedding on a budget. Our aim is to bring you great ideas and styles alongside advice on keeping the costs down.
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