Save Money on Wedding Flowers – The Ultimate Guide

There’s no doubt that the cost of a wedding these days can be huge and many couples planning their wedding are looking for ways to reduce their spend. That is why we have come up with this ultimate and complete list of ways to save money on wedding flowers.

You won’t need to look anywhere else for ways to reduce the cost of wedding flowers as we have all the advice you need right here. You may not want to follow all of the advice below, but hopefully it will give you some ideas on how to approach purchasing your wedding flowers!

Whilst you likely will not want to plan your entire wedding around saving money on wedding flowers, some of these tips will be best considered at the planning stage.

1. Buy in bulk and arrange yourself

When it comes to most things wedding related there are savings to be had by doing it yourself. When buying wedding flowers from a florist you are paying for their time as well as their skill and expertise. Buying your own flowers means that you are in full control of what you get. Bear in mind that this will take time and you may want to rope in a friend who has experience – or spend some time looking for inspiration on the internet. Be sure to do your research first into prices as well as flowers that work well together, but this is certainly a great way to save. Plus you can take all the praise!



2. Invest in fake flowers

You may have your heart set on some fantastic real flowers. However, don’t be too quick to avoid the artificial route. Silk flowers in particular are quite popular at the moment and can be a real money saver over fresh flowers. Plus you don’t have to worry about how they will look on the day, won’t end up spending money on flowers that will die and can save even more money by selling them on after your wedding day! Of course, you don’t need to go full fake. Go one stage better and mix and match artificial blooms with real ones to get the best of both worlds.

3. Use smaller, local florist shops

More fancy or chain florists will likely be more expensive. Finding a good local supplier could save you a reasonable amount. Plus you will also be helping your local economy and supporting a small business. How many more reasons do you need? Find out whether there are any local farmers markets where you could deal directly with a local grower. Equally important, don’t be afraid to shop around and get quotes from different florists – you would do the same with any other service or product!



4. Use Fewer Flowers

It may sound obvious, but don’t forget that a sure fire way to reduce the cost of your wedding flowers is to simply purchase fewer flowers. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a less appealing bouquets or centrepieces. Instead, replace the flowers with something else. You could use colourful flowers alongside leafy foliage which will pad out the arrangement.
Alternatively you could look to replace flowers with other decorations – we have some great alternative suggestions for centrepieces.

5. Buy Ready made Arrangements online

As with most things these days, you can of course buy ready made arrangements online. So when shopping around, don’t forget to check out online prices as well. Some online suppliers may also be able to deliver at a shorter notice that a brick and mortar florist shop, so think about this if you’ve left things a little bit last minute (Note to the wise – don’t leave it till the last minute!). If nothing else, checking out online arrangements when you start looking may enable you to begin to put together a budget at the early stages.


Use candles

6. Use candles as decorations

The reason that we tend to use flowers at weddings is to add a touch of colour and decoration to rooms which might otherwise be a little bland. Wedding flowers provide something lovely to look at and help to create a wonderful atmosphere. However, consider candles as an alternative. If the venue is suitable, having candles instead of flowers could enable you to save money and still help you to create an amazing ambience. Even if you definitely want flowers, using candles as well could help to reduce the number of blooms needed to fully decorate your venue and could still help with the savings!

7. Make your own flowers

Of course you can arrange your own bouquets or vases to save on costs, or find something to copy. However, you might also want to consider making your own paper flowers. There are some really great guides to doing this – one example can be found here. You could simply use coloured paper, pages from unwanted books, or sheet music to add a DIY twist to your decorations.

Make flowers from sheet music


8. Buy cheaper arrangements from supermarkets

Alongside local florists and internet suppliers don’t forget that you can also find flowers in your local supermarket. Bear in mind that these may not be of the highest quality and you may struggle if you are looking to buy a number of similar looking arrangements. However, you could find some bargains last minute to put together a great bridal bouquet or centrepieces.

9. Work with a florist to meet your budget

Put together a realistic budget and stick to it, finding something that will work with your budget rather than focusing on particular varieties that you definitely want. If you’re using a florist, find someone who will help you work to that budget and be sure to get quotes from different florists so that you know your budget is reasonable. Don’t expect to be able to get tons of more expensive flowers for a low budget and take sensible advice from the florist that you choose.



10. Buy local and seasonal

Here’s the thing: If you’re looking to use flowers that are out of season you will pay a whole load more than you would if they were in season. That makes sense. Using only flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding will save you money. Buying local or native varieties may also reduce your costs as it will likely mean that your florist doesn’t need to buy in particular flowers just for you. You can also be happy knowing that you have worked with more local suppliers!

11. Use more affordable varieties over the spectacular

The traditionally popular wedding flowers obviously come with the highest price tags. Roses, tulips and lilies are some of those favourite blooms and they can result in a splendid looking bouquet or decorations. However using the more stunning flowers as the centrepiece of an arrangement containing more affordable flowers can still pack a pretty punch and allows you to get the best of both worlds. Choose your standout flowers and ask your florist which other, less expensive varieties will work well with them.



12. Be flexible

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, but if you have expensive tastes you may need to compromise slightly if you are looking to reduce or limit costs! Again, if you are working to a budget with a florist, they may be able to offer advice which will help you keep to that budget. Don’t have your heart too set on particular arrangements or flowers to the extent that you lose sight of keeping to your limit. Avoid being fussy or picky and you may find that you can still get some stunning looking flowers for a lower price.

13. Use fewer varieties.

Just as using fewer flowers in total can reduce your costs, so can limiting the number of flower varieties you use. This will reduce any issues sourcing multiple different flowers and can make it easier to buy in bulk – either for you or your florist. You will also be looking at reduced costs for the labour of cutting and arranging the flowers if you are using fewer varieties. Don’t be worried that fewer varieties will result in less spectacular looking arrangements.



14. Use a single variety/single flower arrangements

We’ve advised that you consider using fewer varieties but you could take this to the extreme and create a number of arrangements based around a single variety, or even a single flower. A single bloom can make a real statement when arranged well. If you choose to stick with a single variety then find some foliage that brings out the best in your particular flower and makes it shine!

15. Get planned in advance

Prices will obviously be higher if you leave things until the last minute and you may have to take what is available. Planning well in advance will give you the best opportunity to shop around and price check – it will also save you a whole lot of stress! Get quotes from online and from florists early to ensure you know what you will need to spend and definitely have everything ironed out well in advance to avoid any issues sourcing particular varieties.



16. Repurpose

We’re forever being told these days that recycling can save the planet, but in this case it can save your wallet too. If your ceremony and reception are in different locations, consider whether it will be possible to repurpose your decorative flowers by simply moving them after the ceremony. This will obviously be much easier if your ceremony and reception are taking place at the same venue! Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets can also be repurposed – consider using them as centrepiece displays.

17. Pick your own

This might not be suitable for everyone, and may be heavily dependent on where you live, but picking wildflowers may be an option. Even if this doesn’t enable you to get full arrangements, you could possibly find wild buttonholes or some flowers to contribute to bouquets. Aside from wildflowers, you may even have grown some suitable flowers yourself, or have friends and family who have and who may be prepared to let you use some. We’d advise against picking from stranger’s front gardens!



18. Go non traditional

A little outside of the box thinking could make you some savings. It may be easier to find ideas, arrangements and florists who are able to work with more traditional wedding flowers, but unusual or alternative options could save a bundle. Using herbs or fruit blossoms can give you a great looking arrangement whilst being cheaper than using traditional wedding flowers.

19. Find a venue with flowers

You might also want to consider making the most of your wedding venue to help save on decoration costs. Perhaps you are contemplating an outside ceremony – in which case, think about finding a garden venue with plenty of floral decor. If you don’t quite trust the weather (particularly if you’re in the UK!) then even some indoor ceremonies don’t need flowers – many grand venues or historic properties have great built decorative elements which can be enhanced and again, may reduce the need for an abundance of fresh flowers.



20. Avoid overpriced times of year

Unsurprisingly, the time of year has a huge impact on the cost of flowers. It’s no shocker that prices are at a premium around Valentine’s day. With flowers in high demand you will be paying much more than at other times of year. Also expect high prices around Mother’s Day (Late March/early April in the UK – May in the US). Demand tends to be lower around August – January so bear in mind when picking your date.

21. Share flowers with other brides at the same venue

Sharing flowers may also be an option. If there are other weddings being held at the same venue before or after yours then you may be able to share your flowers with another couple – reducing the costs for both of you. Bear in mind that you will all have to be happy with both the flowers and the costs and may have to compromise on styles, but this is well worth considering.



22. Get married around Christmas or Easter

Just as we have suggested avoiding certain times of year due to the inflated cost of flowers, other times of year are ideal! If you are having a church ceremony, think about getting married around Christmas or Easter. At these times many churches are already decorated with flowers for the festive celebrations and services, so you may be able to avoid purchasing flowers for the ceremony altogether!

As a little bonus, here are some great pictures highlighting some of the ideas we have suggested above!

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