Handmade Wedding Bouquets – Pinterest Post


Crochet Bouquet

I love all things knitted and crochet and I think this bouquet is rather lovely.  I like the idea of creating a bouquet for myself and being able to keep it for years to come.


Waterfall Bouquet

This is a bit different.  I’ve made these pretty little flowers that make up this design before and they are relatively easy and quick to create.  They would look great in two tone colours as well to fit with the colour theme of the wedding.


Book Flowers

I really like the idea of these paper flowers made from old books.  Perhaps a favourite book could be used to make the petals.


Paper Roses

This is my favourite!  The colours are great and I love roses.


Pearl Centre Flowers

The sheet music used to make some of the flowers is a really nice touch.  Like the book paper bouquet, sheet music from a favourite song could be used to make this more personal.  I also like the pearl centres on each flower, maybe a sparkly centre could also be used.  The pearl centres, I think, add a touch of elegance.


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