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Wedding Favours! Done well, these can be a great way to thank your guests for coming to your special day in a stylish manner that fits well with your wedding theme. Done badly, your guests get cheap, foil covered chocolate or something so pointless or useless that it ends up getting left behind.

That being said, there are some fantastic wedding favour ideas on the web, and as usual, Pinterest is a great place to find them. Here are some of our favourites.


Drink Me!

Drinking favours aren’t all that unusual and it’s likely to be something that won’t fall into the pointless and left behind category – your guests are at a party after all. The more rustic looking bottles such as the one above are likely to be more expensive than simple miniatures, so consider how much you want to spend per guest.


Scratch Me!

We really like this idea and it has been pulled off with style, thanks to the envelope. A scratch card, and the penny to scratch it. A fairly small cost per guest, but with the chance to give some of them a really great gift – and in a room of 100+ guests, someone is bound to win a fiver. . . Plus, if anyone bags the jackpot, just remind them who bought the card!


Water Me!

The focus of this image is favours that go with a brown theme and they are all stylish ways of matching that. However, we really like the succulents  and this seems to be something that is popular right now. Just remember that not all guests will have green fingers.


Drink Me (Again!)

Flavoured teas are another trend at the moment. Although I’m not a fan myself (I’d rather have a PG Tips) I like how this image shows the tea leaves in corked bottles rather than bags. A slightly different take.



This is essential. Even if you are forgoing favours altogether, you need to make sure there’s something for the kids. In particular with a sit down meal and speeches, children will have to sit still and be quiet for some time, so giving them something to colour or play with during that time will please the parents. Just some crayons and sweets can keep everyone happy and give the children something else to focus on while the best man tells that story. . .

If you want to find more great ideas for favours or anything else wedding related, check out our Pinterest page, or check out some of our other posts.

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