Finding Our Style


So with planning for our own wedding in mind, we have begun to discuss a whole range of things, from venues and catering to wedding cars, and one thing seems to come up time and again.

Neither of us is quite sure what style we want from clothing (and for the wedding in general!). We both agree that we want something that says more about us and are less concerned about meeting traditional styles.

Roisin’s not sure about dresses – and we may not even be sticking to a white wedding dress. For my part, I’m not all that keen on the more standard, formal suit with tails, or even necessarily with a smart suit. I really do like some of the more eclectic styles that I’ve seen.

I guess for both of us it’s back to Pinterest and other sites for ideas – speaking of which, check back in the next few days for our Pinterest Weekly post, which this week will be focused on Groom’s Style, with some of my findings!

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