6 Great Nail Styles for your Wedding

Nails can be a perfect accessory to your already fabulous wedding dress, and you can really make a statement through different colours or patterns. Although often seen as a summer trend, great nail art can add to your look at either a winter or summer wedding, whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid. Many women already do their own nails, so you can definitely save some money by giving your nails a fantastic DIY makeover for your wedding, and from patterned to pastel there are plenty of designs to consider – which this post highlights.


This year, pastel has been a popular summer trend and, as it is compatible with many colours, it can run alongside any wedding dress. Purple, pink, blue and green have been the most popular, as even though they do stand out, they also ooze a sense of elegance. Plus, with the matte finish, they look neat, tidy and presentable.


White Nails

You can make a statement with plain white nails, which have seen a return in 2014 and they go great with either a white or pale pink wedding dress. White nails can make an intense impact on your look and are available from most high street stores -just be careful and make sure that you get a nail varnish that will completely cover the nail and doesn’t require numerous coats.



If you feel slightly more daring, metallic nails will guarantee that you get noticed on the dance floor – assuming the large white dress doesn’t! With it being a new craze this year, finding the most effective metallic nail varnish can be hard, but we’ve found that Illamasqua provide a great range of nail varnishes.



Patterned nails have come back into the limelight this summer. Although often, people go to nail salons if they want to achieve the patterned look, homemade kits are now available from major pharmacies including Boots. Whilst it may take a little practice, you will soon be able to express your personality through your nail artwork.



If you are planning on making a statement with your nails, the neon trend will be perfect for you. With its bright and shocking colours, these nails are definitely an accessory that will turn heads. Summer time has been popular for this style, however, there is no stopping you wearing it in winter. Just make sure it works with your wedding theme and your dress!



If you want to create a natural look but feel like you also need to add that extra ‘wow’ factor, why not match both your eyes and nails. Through nail varnish that contains a hint of green or brown, you can link this to your eyes, creating a magical, enticing look. As an extra tip – you can always use colour changing contact lenses to really accentuate your eyes, ultimately intensifying your natural look – and no-one will ever know!

Whichever you choose for your wedding, just remember, they should follow your personal style and taste, but by creating your own nail art at home you can not only save on your overall budget, but also get the exact look that you want.

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