8 Crafty Hen Party Ideas

hen-partyTraditionally, hen and stag parties have been an excuse for a night out on the town, but as others have pointed out, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Brides-to-be are considering a wider range of activities for their hen parties and this can be a great way of cutting the cost of the wedding by making some of the decorations or items for the wedding.

Admittedly a weekend crafting might not be for everyone and you will want to consider whether your friends and family will want to take party if there is little or no booze involved, some people will definitely enjoy learning new craft skills and helping to contribute something to your wedding. Plus, it can be a great talking point on the big day itself!

Below are our suggestions of things that could be made as part of your crafty hen party, and places where you can do each of these things.

1. Wedding Favours

Buying wedding favours can be quite an expense, depending on what you want to provide and how many guests you plan on inviting. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget you may want to consider whether you actually need or want to provide wedding favours for your guests. If you do, but want to keep the costs down then you may be able to find somewhere to create your favours on your hen party. Sweets, chocolates, drinks or jams are all popular choices for favours. Other great ideas can be found on our pinterest post (http://www.bridalbudget.co.uk/great-wedding-favours-pinterest-post/)

2. Centrepieces

You will likely have tables at your wedding and so a centrepiece of some sort will probably be a necessity to prevent your tables from looking too bare. Whilst some simple flowers in a vase might be a budget way to do this, a crafty hen party may be an option.

3. Flowers

Paying for large and fancy bouquets can be expensive. One option for your hen party could be a flower arranging class, on which you could make bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids as well as table decorations, or general decorations for your venue room.

4. Decorations

Making decorations for your wedding could lead to some real savings. This could cover chair and table decorations, banners and hanging decorations or more general decorations.

5. Invitations

Beautiful invitations are your first chance to share your wedding theme and style with your guests, yet the right design can cost quite a lot from a professional designer and/or printer. Our pinterest post for wedding invitations (http://www.bridalbudget.co.uk/pinterest-weekly-awesome-wedding-invitation-ideas/) gives some great ideas for this, many of which could be put together as part of a hen party weekend.

6. Cake

Cakes are another wedding expense that could be saved by making your own. If you are a keen baker and have the time you could do this by yourself anyway, but perhaps this is something you could integrate as part of your hen party, by getting friends to help with the decorating. Or perhaps you are planning to have a selection of cupcakes alongside or instead of a traditional wedding cake.

7. Hair pieces and headgear

Hats, hair pieces and veils are all required for a stylish wedding and are another possible contender for something to craft as part of your hen do. Just make sure that anything made will fit in with your style or theme (if you have one) to prevent falling outs with your bridesmaids on the big day!

8. Jewellery

There may be the option to take a jewellery course and save money by making your own, perhaps dependent on the style that you want or need.

Save more money by doing these things at your own home, or at a friend’s. Whilst there are venues and locations out there where you can pay for a course – and for some of these things that might be best – you can always save by doing them entirely yourself.

Bridal Budget
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