About Us

Welcome to Budget Bridal. There are loads of wedding blogs out there, but not so many which focus on perhaps the most important aspect of the wedding – the budget!

We are Roisin and Matt and we have setup Budget Bridal to not only provide a whole range of design and style choices to those looking to plan their dream wedding, but also to give hints and tips on reducing costs and creating a clear price guide to tons of great design ideas featured on our blog!

All of this whilst we go through the process of planning our own big day. In addition to posting fantastic traditional styles and suggestions, we will also be on the lookout for unique ways to customise and enjoy your special day.


Roisin is 27 years old and graduated with a degree in conservation, working with the National Trust for several years in various roles and with a passion for repairing ceramics. Roisin loves to craft things, whether she’s knitting, or making her own pots, and you can bet we’ll be using these skills to reduce costs at our wedding! Homemade plates at the reception anyone?


Matt is 25 and graduated with a degree in English and History and a Masters in Heritage Management. After spending a year working in digital marketing, Matt decided it was time to work for himself and is currently putting his hobby of web design to good use on a number of projects.

Our Wedding

As of March 2014 our wedding is about to enter the early planning stages, which we will be blogging about – both our research and our results. We’re looking for something a little different as neither of us feels that the traditional wedding is quite right for us. And we’re also looking to create something magical for less than the average cost, which is now at £18,000!

We hope you follow our story as we go through this journey.