10 Reasons Everyone Loves a Wedding

Everyone loves a wedding. Although there may be more than a little stress leading up to the big day, it’s almost always alright on the night. The bride and groom get to share a wonderful day together in the company of their loved ones. But why do we take so much joy in weddings as a guest?

Think of this as a list of 10 things to consider to ensure your guests have a great time.

1. Being part of an intimate occasion


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Without a doubt this is one of the key reasons that we love being invited to a wedding. A wedding is a celebration of a couples love for one another and it is a great honour to be invited. It means that the bride and groom value you and want you to be a part of their special day. That is a perfect setup to an enjoyable day.

2. Catching up with friends and family


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Weddings bring people together that may not have seen each other for some time. From family who have moved away to friends from school or university, a wedding is often a time to catch up. Clever table planning can really help things out here – making sure that the right people are sat together can ensure everyone has a great time.

3. A great venue


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Any venue can be great, but certainly wowing your guests at a fancy church/hotel or grand country house can add a great deal to the occasion. With a lower budget and a smaller or less grand reception venue, you may have to put in a bit more work to get the mood right, but at the end of the day it is the atmosphere that counts. Get that right, and your guests will have a great time.

4. Seeing the dress


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The bride is often the centre of attention on her wedding day and many guests will look forward to seeing her dress as she walks down the aisle, although this one may be lost a little on some male guests. . .

5. The theme and decor


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As with a great venue, the chosen theme, decorations and decor can really add to the atmosphere. A consistent theme, especially one which has been chosen as something particularly relevant to the bride and groom will mean so much more. Elaborate or different table centrepieces can create a talking point for the guests.

6. The food

Another great buffet idea.

A fantastic wedding breakfast is bound to keep guests happy. Think carefully about the time you will be eating and whether guests will be hungry – or starving – by the time you sit down to eat. A sit down meal, buffet or any other type of meal is likely to be fine, but consider guests dietary requirements and appetites in order to ensure it is enjoyed by all.

7. Open bar


It may not always be the wisest decision, but there is no doubt that guests will love an open bar. If you’re working to a budget you can still ensure that your guests are well watered by providing wine or soft drinks for the table (watch the corkage fee if you’re providing your own!) – a free glass or two of wine for each guest will always be appreciated. If you’re worried guests might overdo it, a warning sign like the above might make them think twice.

8. Speeches


Speeches can be a real highlight. A few jokes, a splash of gossip and a touch of emotion are a few ingredients to success. Plan your speeches carefully so that hungry guests are kept from eating and remember that sometimes short really is sweet. Aside from that, make sure you thank your guests from sharing in your special day.

9. A chance to party


The first dance is obviously a tradition and most weddings will likely have a DJ, band, or both, so you will be hoping your guests will be dancing and partying. Not everyone loves to dance, but most people like a party and a wedding is a great opportunity to do so in a friendly environment, away from the night club strangers. You can also decide the tunes and dictate how much cheesy music is played!

10. Favours


Although not essential, favours are a nice way of thanking your guests from coming and can be personalised either to the tastes of your guests or to be something that reflects you as a couple. Sweet treats are one option, but there are a great deal of different and quite unique wedding favour ideas out there.

Hopefully this will give you some things to think about to ensure that your guests all have a great time at your wedding. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to post them below!

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